Name: Two Brothers Brewing Company (caution, website may contain Geocities-esque CSS and flying toasters)

Location: Warrenville, IL

Type: Production Brewery

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Since 1997, the family-owned and operated (hence the name) Two Brothers has been serving the Midwest and upstate New York with fine craft beer. They’ve gone through a few recent expansions, and are up to about 10,000 barrels of beer per year, so perhaps one day we’ll see them in our market. Like the rest of you, these two brothers hung out at their local homebrew shop and talked about beer so much that their annoyed friends and relatives finally told them, using loud voices, to open a brewery.


Beer #1: Cane & Ebel (Rye IPA/ 7% ABV)

Notes: The above is not a typo. The two brothers in question have the last name of Ebel. So it’s a pun. Get it? The brewery claims this is a “Red Rye Ale,” but at 68 IBUs, I’m going to go ahead and call this a Rye IPA. Picture a spicier version of Founders Rye IPA and you won’t be too far off.

Beer Advocate: 91 (563 ratings)
Rate Beer: 97 overall, 87 style (570 ratings)

Beer #2: Domaine DuPage (Biere de garde / 5.9 ABV)

Notes: You won’t see any other expressions of this style at SAVOR this year. It’s a caramel malt monster, with a huge grain bill and just enough hop presence for you to taste it. I suggest grabbing a glass of this and heading over to the cheese table to pair it with either a washed rind or blue cheese.

Beer Advocate: 85 (431 ratings)
Rate Beer: 81 overall, 84 style (559 ratings)

Summary: Two Brothers’ beer is only available in five states, so it’s a treat to have them here, even if they’re bringing two year-round releases.

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