Name: Brewery Ommegang

In 1997, Don Feinberg set out to build a brewery outside Cooperstown, New York that focused on traditional Belgian beers. After a decade of success, Feinberg sold his share to Belgian brewer Duvel Moortgat. Yes, that creator of the world renowned Duvel golden ale. Since then, Ommegang has enjoyed more success and is now available in over forty-five states.

Location: Cooperstown, New York

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes


Beer #1: Three Philosophers (Belgian Quadruple / 9.8 % ABV)

Beer Advocate: 92 (1671 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 99 Overall, 94 Style (1960 Ratings)

Notes: A big and bold quad with complexity to spare is the best way to describe this beast.  Expect a big Belgian quad with slight sour cherry and plum flavors. Three Philosophers is incredibly smooth and goes down well for such a big beer. This is a great example of why Belgian styles continue to remain some often most popular around the world.

Beer #2: Ommegang BPA (Belgian Pale Ale / 6.2% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 90 (388 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 97 Overall, 99 Style (446 Ratings)

Notes: This beer is the definition of the Belgian pale ale style. It is fermented with Ommegang’s in-house yeast, which creates a superb representation of the style. The hops are not overbearing and let the yeast shine through with the distinctions we all love in other Belgian styles.

Ommegang is not one of those breweries that is at the forefront of advertising or creating the next big collaboration in craft beer. They seem to be quite comfortable with their role as one of the few American breweries that focuses on Belgian styles. I suspect that over the next decade other breweries will continue to innovate to maintain their fan base while Ommegang will maintains its solid reputation without having to constantly reinvent the wheel in a competitive scene of one uppers. My only issue with Ommegang for this year’s SAVOR is that they’re bringing the same beers as in 2011; up side: these are two of the best beers in their portfolio. Down side: I want some of the odder stuff to put in my face!

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