Name: Blue Point Brewing Co.

Location: Patchogue, New York

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes

What You Need To Know: Mark Burford and Pete Cotter founded Blue Point back in 1998. You’ve likely seen their flagship Toasted Lager, a great representation of the style, around town. Both Mark and Pete come from a homebrew background, which is represented in the many beers released by Blue Point (just because we don’t see it in the DMV doesn’t mean it’s not out there!). It should come as no surprise that Blue Point is a favorite of locals on Long Island and beercentric folks nationwide. As one beer blogger put it, they are like the Sam Adams of Long Island.


Beer #1: Sour Cherry Imperial Stout (Stout/ 9% ABV)

Beer Advocate: 86 (60 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 92 overall, 37 style

Notes: The stout category is well populated this year and if you’re a stout fan you could make a night out of the 13 here. If you’re a sucker for Red Velvet cake (as I am) this pairing is a no-brainer. The stats of the stout are as follows: 1.092 Original Gravity, 67 IBU, and 9.0 % ABV. In this stout is enough residual sweetness from the cherries to offset the bitter coffee notes of the roast malt. Bear in mind these are sour cherries so you’re not going to get a lot of sweetness that other cherry stouts posses. Still, this should pair well with the red velvet.

Beer #2: White IPA (IPA/ 6% ABV)

Beer Advocate: N/A (8 Reviews)

Rate Beer: 77 overall, 45 style

The white IPA, is it white because white wheat was used? Can we call it a white IPA if red wheat was used? Is it still an IPA if a German yeast strain was used? It seems many American craft brewers are getting into this style and before you make your snarky comment, let us commend these brewers for what we have come to love and respect them for, innovation. The IPA category is stacked with 27 entries and there’s even another “white IPA” from the state of NY on the list. However, this one is unique in that it is brewed with malted and unmalted wheat and is fermented with a German yeast strain. The IPA starts with a 1.060 Original Gravity, has 40 IBUs, and clocks in at 6.0% ABV. I wonder how many homebrewers out there have a white IPA with wheat, a spice schedule, German, American and Belgian yeast strains bubbling away?

Summary: Blue Point should be respected for their 14 years in the craft brewing business. They manage to blend the interests of those who just want a tasty lager on a hot summer day in Patchogue, as well as the more demanding interests of the American beer enthusiast. While the phrase ‘the Sam Adams of Long Island’ can be a curious one to interpret, I understand it as Blue Point is a brewery with something for everyone.

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Photo Credit: Blue Point Brewing Company.