The brewery is loved by beer nerds these days as much for these delicious beers as it is for their regular offerings. New Belgium made their first foray into the east coast market in 2008 when they started distributing their beers in North Carolina. They are continuing to expand and will begin selling their beers in the DC area this fall. I, for one, cannot wait to have these beers available regularly at my local bars and beer stores.

Name: Fat Head’s Brewery and Saloon

Type: Production Brewery/Brewpub

Available in DC Market: No

Location: Various, primarily Cleveland, Ohio

What you need to know: Fat Head’s has it all. Brewery, brewpub, saloon, temple to hops, etc. Unfortunately they’re not distributed in DC, but they have done well in recent years at GABF and other beer competitions. Despite that success, they have kept their sense of humor (as evidenced by their website) as well as the many chins on their logo.


Beer 1: Head Hunter IPA (American IPA / 7%)

Beer Advocate: 95 (115 reviews)
Rate Beer: 99 overall, 100 style (130 ratings)

Notes: From Fat Head’s: “Uncivilized and aggressive this west coast styled IPA packs wicked hop flavors and aroma. Savage amounts of Simcoe, Columbus, and Cascade hops define this brews signature pine and citrus notes.” One of the most well-respected IPAs in America. Hopheads rejoice and make a beeline for this table!

Beer 2: Sorcerer (Belgian Strong Dark Ale / 9%)

Beer Advocate: 85 (11 reviews)
Rate Beer: 82 overall, 88 style (13 ratings)

Notes: From Fat Head’s: “Dark ruby brown color with complex flavors reminiscent of dried fruits. The sweet hints of raisin, fig, and plum are accentuated with rock candy sugar then warmed away by the strength of the dry finish due to its alcoholic strength. This magical brew will warm your spirit. 24 IBU.”

Not a lot of dark Belgian beers at this year’s SAVOR, so if you’re a big fan of stone fruit and Belgian spice, Sorcerer is your jam. If you like hops, or just amazing beer in general, get yourself some Head Hunter, a decorated beer with a great reputation.