Name: Revival Brewing Company

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know:The brain product of Chief Brewing Officer Sean Larkin, who holds the same title at Providence’s Trinity brewpub, Revival is a very young productive brewpub that plans to mainly produce four beers a year. Rhode Island, with just eight breweries to its name, has a small craft beer scene, but Revival is hoping to take up its banner. It does so with few reviews, but a good pedigree. SAVOR will be a good chance to show off to the national scene.


Beer #1: Belgo American Saison (Saison / 6.5%)

Beer Advocate: N/A (2 reviews)

Rate Beer: N/A (1 rating)

Notes: From the brewery: “This Belgo-American inspired Saison is revived for your consumption throughout the year. Belgian Malt and yeast combined with Pacific Northwest hops make this a true New World fusion beer. Golden blonde, unfiltered and dry hopped, this beer is sure to please even the most hardcore craft lovers.” Can’t say whether that’s true, but my hunch is that the most hardcore craft lovers won’t find much here except a saison. If you dig the style, this will be a good one to try. If you seek out extreme beers, this probably isn’t it. That’s fine; go get the barrel-aged, black-hole viewed, double IPAs. I’ll drink a saison any day.

Beer #2: Double Black IPA (American Black IPA / 8%)

Beer Advocate: N/A (1 review)

Rate Beer: N/A (0 ratings)

Notes: From the brewery: “This Cascadian Dark Ale, otherwise know as our Double Black IPA, emerged stylistically from the Pacific North West. It has an IPA backbone with a “special blend” of choice roasted malts combined with a hard hitting matchup of hops, knocking this beer into a new weight class. Dry hopped and unfiltered for maximum flavor and punch. Enjoy it with a trainer!” Black IPAs seem like a dated style now nearly two years after they took the craft beer world by storm. Still, when done well, this is a style that has something for everyone.

Summary: I like supporting breweries from states without strong craft brewing pedigrees. Right or wrong, I like to give a high-five to brewers who are pioneers in the states they hail from. There’s little in the way of reviews for these beers, but I’ll be stopping by Revival to see what they’ve got.

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