Name: COOP Ale Works

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Type: Production
Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Founded in 2008 by a group of friends, COOP Ale Works is based out of Oklahoma, not exactly the first state you think of when you hear craft beer. Six year-round beers take their influence from a number of different styles. COOP distributes almost entirely in Oklahoma (with limited distribution in Arkansas). So SAVOR will be a good opportunity to get your hands on this beer, unless you’re going to a Thunder game sometime soon.

Beer #1: DNR (Belgian-style golden ale / 10% ABV)
Notes: From the brewery: “The first big beer brewed in Oklahoma, DNR begins with central and western European malts that are skillfully blended with Noble hops from northern Germany. DNR provides flavor and aroma that is big in every way. Notes of dried fruit, cinnamon and vanilla make DNR a very complex experience to be enjoyed in moderation.”

Beer Advocate: 85 (19 reviews)
Rate Beer: 95 overall, 88 style (41 ratings)


Beer #2: Native Amber (American Amber ale / 6.3% ABV)
Notes: From the brewery: “We like to believe that Native Amber is a perfect blend of hops and malt. Caramel and biscuit notes carry the Cascade and Cluster hop additions through to a wonderfully round finish. Native Amber is assertive, yet balanced providing any craft beer fan a local option that has long been absent in Oklahoma City.”

Beer Advocate: 88 (46 reviews)
Rate Beer: 80 overall, 93 style (43 ratings)

Summary: I’m personally a little biased because these are two of my favorite styles. The fact that these beers come from Oklahoma City and are highly rated by RB and BA means I will definitely be stopping by. From their bios, the guys behind COOP Ale Works seem like a fun bunch. Looking forward to meeting the team from COOP at SAVOR!

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