Name: American Brewing Company

Location: Edmonds, Washington

Type: Production

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: “Drink American, Buy Domestic” is the motto for the Washington-based America Brewing Company. And why not? Craft brewing is growing by leaps and bounds and while American Brewing might be new to the scene, their brewmaster is certainly not. Brewmaster Skip Madsen boasts a total of eleven wins at GABF dating back to 1998 that includes a bronze for American Brewing’s Brave American Brown Ale. Pretty good for a brewery’s first year of operation huh?


Beer #1: Breakaway IPA (American IPA / 7.2 % ABV)

Beer Advocate: 83 (15 ratings)
Rate Beer: 92 overall, 82 style (37 ratings)

Notes: I’m a sucker for a citrus-forward IPA. I make no bones about that. Breakaway IPA appeals to that preference through the use of Amarillo and Simcoe hops melding with a generous grain bill of Vienna and Munich malts. These days, I’m fairly jaded with IPAs. Everyone has one, and few are truly unique. Despite being a grumpy old man about it, I remain open and eager to see what American Brewing is all about.

Beer #2: Caboose Oatmeal Stout (Oatmeal Stout / 7.0 % ABV)

Beer Advocate: 89 (12 ratings)
Rate Beer: 82 overall, 55 style (20 ratings)

Notes: Beers within the Oatmeal Stout style category shine brightest in regards to mouthfeel. I love how the addition of oats create a heavy but smooth body while showing off a notes of coffee and chocolate. This well-liked stout should be a great example of the style and should pair awesomely with the coconut macaroon, whipped crème fraiche and lemon zest.

America Brewery Company is my favorite type of brewery. Small, focused, and well….good. While this new and somewhat obscure brewery won’t receive the kind of hype larger breweries are used to, it should turn some heads at this year’s SAVOR. Filed under: Sleeper.

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