Del Norte Brewing Company started operations in 2007 when it brewed just 11 barrels. Now it has expanded volume but not styles. Del Norte is unique in that it brews on Mexican-style beers. As defined by Del Norte, Mexican-style beers are: 1. lagers, 2. brewed with corn, 3. lightly hopped. Pretty rare to see a craft brewery focusing exclusively on lagers, but it has paid off for Del Norte, who have won numerous medals for their beers.

Location: Denver, CO

Type: Production

Available in DC Market: No

Beer #1: Mañana (Mexican-style amber lager / 5.1-5.4%)


Beer Advocate: 80 (16 reviews)
Rate Beer: 34 overall, 62 style (35 ratings)

Mañana is the most decorated beer in the Del Norte portfolio having won GABF and WBC Gold Medals in 2010, among other awards. The beer is a Vienna lager and will likely have a strong malty taste without being too heavy. Have this one early before the hop bombs.

Beer #2: Órale (Mexican-style light lager / 4.6-4.9%)

Beer Advocate: 80 (17 reviews)
Rate Beer: 13 overall, 83 style (26 ratings)

Órale is a Mexican-style light lager. My guess is you will have to bring your own limes and beach chair if you want to ironically recreate any TV commercials from a famous and similarly-styled beer while at SAVOR.

Overall, I think Del Norte’s styles will be underrepresented at SAVOR. If you’re a fan of easy drinking beers, or lagers in general, this would be a good station at which to stop and catch your breath. You could definitely have an interesting conversation with the reps about why they decided to go all-lager!

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