Name: Nebraska Brewing Company

Location: Papillion, Nebraska

Type: Brewpub primarily, with limited production brewing/distribution

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Nebraska Brewing Company is a brewpub in the town of Papillion, Nebraska, a suburb of Omaha that was named the #3 place to live in the United States in 2009. You have to think that having a great brewpub is contributing toward that ranking. With 8 taps, and a rotation of 13 beers (including 4 in the impressive reserve series), it’s easy to get your thirst quenched. For a small brewpub, they sure have won a lot of awards. This bodes well for them at SAVOR, this is the perfect storm: lots of awards, lesser-known, out-of-market. WOO!


Beer #1: Barrel-Aged Hop God (Barrel-aged Belgian IPA / 10.1%)

Notes: Hop God was a beer that flew under the radar at SAVOR last year. Nebraska also brought their incredible imperial stout Black Betty, so Hop God took a backseat to that. NOT THIS YEAR. You can keep a god quiet for one year, but not two, I tell you, not two. The folks at Nebraska took their Belgian IPA, Hop God, and put it into Chardonnay barrels for six months. The brewery notes that this super-concentrates grapefruits and citrus notes in the nose and taste of the beer. This is a beer where I will be stunned if it doesn’t make our Top 25 list.

Beer Advocate: 89 (53 reviews)
Rate Beer: 98 overall, 97 style (94 ratings)

Beer #2: Melange a Trois (Barrel-aged Belgian Blonde / 10%)

Notes: Barrel-aged fans, rejoice! Nebraska is bringing not one but two Chardonnay barrel-aged beers. This Belgian blonde is going to be very dry and very vinous, which could earn it some detractors at the pro-beer SAVOR; said detractors are foolish if they miss out on this beer. At 10%, don’t let what is likely to be a deceptively drinkable beer fool you, this oaky wonder will put a hurtin’ on you if you don’t look out.

Beer Advocate: 92 (55 reviews)
Rate Beer: 98 overall, 96 style (104 ratings)

Summary: Last year we summarized Nebraska by saying, “Run, don’t walk, to this booth. Period. BOOM.” I have to echo that this year. Two reserve series beers, both barrel-aged, and both well-reviewed, from a brewery with a phenomenal reputation overall? Erm, yes, I think it’s safe to say I won’t be straying far from Table Group 3.

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