One of the best aspects of having access to locally produced beer is the ability to take home beer that is fresh. This practice is great for both the consumer and the retailer. Growler sales open up additional forms of revenue and provide brewpubs with a means of expanding their beer beyond the brewery.

Unfortunately, current classification and licensing regulations do not allow for the sale of growlers in DC.  Local restaurateur and beer activist, Thor Cheston, has started an online petition to allow DC brewpubs to sell growlers to go for off-site consumption.

This legislation will allow brewpubs in Washington, DC to sell beer to go in growlers.  Having the ability to sell beer in reusable containers with a Class-C Tavern/Brewpub license has the potential of adding a great deal of revenue to local businesses and add to the growing craft beer scene in the District.

Selling house-brewed beer in reusable containers, aka “growlers” is a cornerstone of brewpub culture in the United States. Passing the Sustainable Bottle Amendment Act of 2011 would allow brewpubs to expand their market and be the final step in making Washington, DC a city known for great beer.

Please show support of this legislation by signing the online petition. It’s simple and takes only a few minutes. This simple task is the first step to raising the profile of our always burgeoning DC Beer Scene.

Support Local Beer!