There is no shortage of homebrew contests these days. From local to national competitions, homebrewers everywhere are jumping in to compete and show off their brews. DuClaw is upping the stakes and adding a cool twist on the traditional competition. For the second straight year, DuClaw is hosting their H.E.R.O. competition which gives hombrewers a chance to have their beer brewed by DuClaw. The winning brew will be available on tap at DuClaw Brewing Company restaurants and will be sold by local beer merchants.

All proceeds from the sale of the winning H.E.R.O. beer will be donated to the winners’ charity of choice

Last year’s winner was a Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter by Baltimore County home brewers Tony Huckestein and Doug DeLeo.  The jet-black porter was released in late September 2011 and sold out within the month.  The proceeds were donated to the Cool Kids Campaign’s Learning Center.

Through the H.E.R.O. Homebrew Contest, more than $15,000 was donated by DuClaw to to the Learning Center, an educational center that addresses the academic, social and emotional needs of young cancer patients and their families.  The Learning Center now hosts programs like the Teen Cancer Club as well as Mommy and Me classes and provides tutoring to young patients who are unable to attend their regular schooling.

For more details on how to be a part of this unique competition please visit.