One of the better-reviewed beers of 2011 was a 4.4% ABV beer with a chimp in space on the can. Yes, in a can. Yes, with a chimp. Yes, in space.

This formerly seasonal session-y goodness, going by Lew Bryson’s definition of the term, is now in the 21st Amendment Brewery’s year-round repertoire. This is very good news for people who like beer, as you can drink a few of them without “losing your edge,” to quote a popular advertisement from a while back.  We think you’ll be quite pleased with its availability once pool and cookout season begins, though the malt backbone supports cold weather drinking as well. View the specs for Bitter American Extra Pale Ale, and buy it by the case.

We hope this is a start of a trend towards more craft brewers making session-strength beer. Look for Founders Brewing to bottle All Day IPA, at 4.7% ABV it falls just outside the boundaries of session-strength, and Flying Dog’s Underdog Pale Ale, which will be around the same ABV, within the next few months.

*Image via the 21st Amendment Brewery.