You might remember that back during DC Beer Week, 3 Stars Brewing Company and Oliver Ales collaborated to produce the B.W. Rye, a rye IPA.

Well, the B.W. Rye is back, and it’s in porter form this time. The B.W. Rye #2 is an 8% rye porter brewed with Saaz hops, among others, and it’s launching at various locations this week in DC. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday, December 13 – ChurchKey
Wednesday, December 14 – The Big Hunt
Thursday, December 15 – The Smoke & Barrel (as part of the 5×5 Beer Dinner)

If you happened to be in Baltimore this past weekend, you might have seen the B.W. Rye as part of the Mid-Atlantic Holiday Beer Festival. Similarly, last night at Bourbon Adams Morgan the B.W. Rye debuted as the barrel-aged rye, a mix of the porter and IPA aged in Hudson Rye Whiskey Barrels.

Be on the lookout for another tasty local offering!