I’m a huge fan of experimenting with familiar beers by applying additional ingredients or treatments. Sometimes a slight deviation can completely change or enhance a beer.

DCBrau and Pizza Paradiso are doing just that on Halloween in Georgetown with three different spiced casks of DC Brau Citizen.

Sorachi Ace – This spicy hop is gaining popularity with its high alpha acid content and lemon characteristics.

Styrian Aurora & Styrian Bobek – Both of these are low to medium in alpha acids and typically impart a mellow fruit aroma. The nose on this one should be awesome.

Local Lemon Verbena – The shrub is typically used in cooking and should impart a slight lemon flavor to the beer. Kinda weird, kinda cool…should be interesting.

$5 for 12oz pours / $6.66 Flight of all three (5oz each)