Meridian Pint is teaming up with three Baltimore brewers to showcase a variety of beers that you absolutely will not want to miss. This homage to the brews of Charm City kicks off on Wednesday, April 13 from 5-8pm. Steve Frazier (Brewer’s Art), Steve Jones (Oliver Ales) & Brian Strumke (Stillwater) will all be on-hand to chat up their beers. The beer list is very impressive and includes:

MP2: Le Revelateur w/ Vanilla & Cacao (this is the second collaboration between Meridian Pint and Oliver Ales. The first was a dark and hoppy rye ale. In this one, there’s a little less rye and hop bitterness, and there’s a Belgian touch by using Belgian Dark Candi Syrup and fermenting with Brewer’s Art Resurrection yeast.)
Oliver / Stillwater Channel Crossing #3 (a “Belgian Barley Wine, 10% abv, aged with American oak)
Oliver Jacob’s Winter Celebration in Beaujolais Nouveau

Brewer’s Art Drafts:
Bière De Mars
Débutante (Collaboration w/ Stillwater)
Green Peppercorn Tripel
Sour Cherry Ale

Oliver Drafts:
“18” Smoked Porter
Bière De Garde (6.8%, fermented with Brewer’s Art yeast)
Bishop’s Breakfast
Channel Crossing #3 (Collaboration w/ Stillwater)
Cherry Blossom Ale (5.6% wheat ale fermented with pureed dark sweet cherries)
Cream Ale
Hot Monkey Love (10%, strong ale brewed with honey)
Le Revelateur
Strongman Sorachi Ace (9% single-hopped with Sorachi Ace)
Sweet & Sour Cherry (Collaboration w/ Brewer’s Art. Blend of Brewer’s Art sour cherry ale with Oliver’s Cherry Blossom Ale)

Stillwater Drafts:
25 to 1
Cellar Door


There will also be some swag giveaways, as per the usual at events like this. This lineup looks phenomenal, so get out to Meridian Pint and show some love to our northerly neighbors and their beers!