In case you’ve been living inside a firkin for the past, oh, three weeks or so, there was a massive earthquake in Japan, followed by a tsunami, followed by myriad nuclear crises. Decidedly not good.

Kushi, while not a beer bar, is partnering with Asahi to put on a fundraiser called Let’s Rebuild Japan. The event will be on Sunday, April 3, from 7-11pm.

The restaurant will feature a limited special menu, a silent auction, and live music and DJs. In addition, there will be a few kegs of Asahi Super Dry on-hand to help you wet your whistle while raising money for an important, and pressing, cause.

All proceeds for this event will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Interested in what will surely be a great time, at one of DC’s up and coming sushi restaurants, with some tasty Japanese beer on-hand? Head to Kushi on Sunday night, bid on some items, and have a great time for a great cause.

(Banner courtesy of Media Trust.)