Belga Cafe is teaming up with Brewery Van Honsebrouck, most notably producers of the Kasteel and St. Louis brands, to put on a tasting/dinner on Tuesday, March 29, at 6pm. The cost is $49 per person and includes the following very tasty-looking menu. Interested in some tasty Belgian beers and food? Head on over to Belga! For tickets, call them up 202.544.0100.

1st Pairing
Salad of roasted red beets (Bacchus dressing/croutons/arugula) paired with Brigand and Kasteel Tripel drafts

2nd Pairing
Kasteel Rouge marinated chicken breast (cream of salsify/crispy potato croquettes/Kasteel Rouge sauce) paired with Kasteel Brown, Kasteel Cuvee de Chateau, and Kasteel Rouge

3rd Pairing
Sabayon of St. Louis Kriek (beer drunk cherries/vanilla ice cream) paired with St. Louis Framboise and St. Louis Peche