Old Dominion Brewing Co. has been making more noise in the District as of late. With a new president in Jim Lutz (formerly of Flying Dog) and the Big Thaw Bock on more tap lines around the city, the Delaware-by-way-of-Virginia purveyors of Hop Mountain Ale, Oak Barrel Stout, and of course a tasty non-alcoholic root beer are aiming to be seen and heard from more often in our beer scene.

A great opportunity to both see and hear the Dominion folks will be on Wednesday, March 16, from 6-9pm at RFD in Chinatown. A ton of Dominion personnel and a bevy of their beers will be available!

In the back room, 2009 Millennium barleywine, DoppelHop, and a special firkin will all be available. In the front room, there will be a beer bucket special. For $15, you’ll receive a beer bucket with one each of Hop Mountain, Oak Barrel Stout, Big Thaw Bock, English Ale, and Dortmunder Lager.

Among those expected to be in attendance are Jim Lutz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Casey Hollingsworth, Head Brewer Walter Trifari, Brewer Chris Gordon, and a whole host of others including the sampling reps that bring Dominion’s beers to you in venues across the metropolitan area. There may also be some other as-yet-unannounced-but-special guests, as well as retailers, wholesalers, and friends of the brewery!

So stop into RFD on Wednesday night and have a beer, or a bucket. Sample some of the Dominion specials, meet some of their great personnel, and become more acquainted with a brewery that seems to be headed for a bit of a DC rebirth in the coming months.