Bob and Ellie Tupper (you can check out our past interview with Bob here) are fixtures of the DC craft beer world and have been for quite a while. They’re the creators of Tuppers’ Hop Pocket and Keller Pils. Bob was the MC for a great number of the Brickskeller’s best and most well-remembered events. Well, now the couple is going to be the focus of an event celebrating an almost unheard of achievement: the tasting and note-taking of their 20,000th beer.

Today is RFD’s 8th birthday, and it is also The Tupper 20,000th night! The special beer for this momentous occasion is Tuppers’ India Ink Black IPA, brewed by Mad Fox. It is dry-hopped with 100% whole flower Mt. Hood hops. The other beers for the event are:

Abby Dark – Devil’s Backbone
1634 Ale – Brewers Alley
Black IPA – Sweetwater Tavern
Dry-hopped IPA cask – District Chop House
“Bob’s Entire Butt” cask – St. George
Tuppers’ Keller Pils cask – St. George
Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale – St. George
Tuppers’ Deep Pockets Imperial Pale Ale – Devils Backbone

Doors open at 6 for this event, and who knows when it will start. Tickets are $40.00 and can be purchased at Proceeds from ticket sales will be split with half going to a charity chosen by the Alexanders and half going to a charity chosen by the Tuppers.

If this isn’t all enough fun for you, the front bar at RFD will be tapping their last keg of Hopslam. Delicious!


Congratulations to the Tuppers and Happy Birthday to RFD!