If you’ve been trapped under a rock for the past couple of days, that’s a really unfortunate situation to find yourself in. Presumably it was a pretty big rock, but now you’ve escaped its evil clutches and want to find out what you missed in terms of craft beer news. Well, the big news in the DC craft beer world is that the venerable Brickskeller is officially closing, and its last day will be December 18.

While we tweeted the news, our friends at the J Street Beer Review put up a post on the topic. A number of other publications picked it up, including the LA Times. Be sure to check out John Fleury’s article over at DCist that talks about his thoughts about the DC beer institution’s closing.

Last night, the Brickskeller held what is very likely to be its last tasting ever. A packed house of beer fanatics was led through ten solid regional craft beer selections, and the venerable Bob Tupper was a masterful MC over the course of the night. The elephant in the room was, of course, the question about whether the Brickskeller was actually closing or not. Co-owner Dave Alexander said at the beginning of the tasting that it was “very premature” to discuss the sale of the Brick, but it didn’t stop a low murmur of conversation about that topic to carry on through the night.

The big news, and confirmation, came today when, of all people, WTOP’s transportation reporter, Adam Tuss, reported having had a conversation with the Brick’s buyers. You can read all about the fruits of that conversation here, here, and here.

So now you’re just about caught up to speed. The Brickskeller will be closing, and Rock Creek will be opening in its place with a few aesthetic changes but what sounds like the same overall craft beer mission. We’ll be sure to follow all the latest on this story as it develops.


On a personal note, I want to thank Dave and Diane Alexander and everyone associated with the Brickskeller for everything they’ve done for craft beer, especially in DC. My craft beer experience has been indelibly affected by the Brick. It taught me, as it taught so many others, about the incredible variety of beer that’s out there. It is an institution that has always been about the craft beer that we here at DCBeer love so much, and I’m personally deeply indebted to the bar and everyone associated with it. My relationship with the bar had its ups and downs, but the tasting last night showed the best of what the Brick is about: knowledgeable and passionate people coming together to taste great craft beer and share great company. It’s nice to have that experience as one of my last memories of the Brick. I hope, and suspect, that the Alexanders will stay active in the DC beer community with RFD and of course always have the option of re-opening the Brickskeller elsewhere.

Leave your thoughts about the closing of the Brick, the opening of Rock Creek, and any other thoughts related to this story in the comments.