This Saturday, November 13, come celebrate Sierra Nevada‘s 30th Anniversary with a party at RFD. On November 15, 1980 the first batch of Sierra Nevada beer made it through the brew house. In starting the brewery, Ken Grossman and Paul Camusi, two homebrewers, started the company on a path that would make it a major force in the craft beer industry and the number two craft brewery by volume in 2009.

The party at RFD will kick off at 7pm on Saturday night. $25 gets you in and all-you-can-drink access to seven beers: Brewer’s Reserve Grand Cru, Jack & Ken’s Black Barleywine, Homegrown Estate Ale, Northern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, Celebration Ale, Pale Ale, and Porter. There will also be live music from “The Turn.”

Seems like a pretty good deal to get a bunch of anniversary beers and seasonals. Come on by and wish Sierra Nevada a happy anniversary. You’ll be glad you did!