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Great Lakes Launches “Doppelrock” at Blue Ridge This Thursday

Seems like everywhere you turn Great Lakes is releasing another beer!

Blue Ridge Restaurant in Glover Park will host a beer launch party with Great Lakes Brewing Company this Thursday, November 11, at 8pm. The beer, a doppelbock titled, wait for it…wait for it…Doppelrock, is a tribute to “America’s pastime, Rock & Roll.” $5 gets you a signature Great Lakes glass filled with this new brew, and $4 will get you a refill of the Doppelrock so long as you use your new piece of glassware.

The Blue Ridge kitchen will also be selling “huge” pork sliders (that seems oxymoronic, but I also love sliders, so I’ll take it) that will pair perfectly with this malty brew.

Great Lakes notes of the beer, “just as the monks appreciated this hearty brew in the late winter / early spring, we savor the flavors of this rich beer along with a double dose of our favorite past time, rock and roll.”

And just to add another rock and roll dimension to this event, there will be a band playing at 10pm!

Should be a good time to launch a new seasonal from a brewery with an increasingly large presence in the DC area.

Anyone been over to Blue Ridge yet? What did you think? What’s your favorite Great Lakes beer? Let us know in the comments!

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