Try a new semi-regular feature, “The Blog Crawl” on for size, readers. Get it? Blog crawl? Like a bar crawl but with blogs? No? Anyway. There are a lot of quality beer blogs out there (putting up quality material of the caliber  you get here!), and we’re going to pull articles and posts of interest here and aggregate them into one nice handy place for you. Some of these will be DC beer related, others may not be. A little variety is the spice of life! We’ll do these every other week or so, or until our cache of articles we think are important begins to leak right out of our bloggy little fingers. Feel free to leave articles you think are interesting in the comments!

In no particular order, awaaaaay we go with The Blog Crawl, The First!

The Washington City Paper‘s Lagerheads start us off with a visit to DC Brau

Let’s not stop there with the DC Brau article though. The WCP came out with a Beer Issue that has five stories definitely worth reading. From PBR in DC, to the increase in cask ale in the city, to an examination of Bloomingdale’s new bae and what it means for that neighborhood, the WCP really did a bang-up job here.

TBD provides some coverage on a spat between The Black Squirrel and the DCRA and then later covers the spat’s apparent resolution.


The New York Times describes some controversy over a Lost Abbey beer’s name, and then Lost Abbey responds to what it describes as incorrect information. Where do you fall on this issue?

Beer in Baltimore reports on a collaboration between Flying Dog and Brouwerij de Molen. Looks like it’ll be a rarity, be on the lookout!

Yours for Good Fermentables offers up this slideshow from the Chesapeake Real Ale Fest provides this video on hosting a beer tasting at home. Be sure to invite us over for your next tasting!

Blog About Beer has this excellent overview on the history of homebrewing. Think you didn’t have anything in common with Mesopotamians? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Speaking of homebrewing, The Incubator, an off-shoot of The Eagle at American University (here’s a little home cooking from me to you), offers this introduction to homebrewing and a basic hard cider recipe.

We’ll be back with another blog crawl before you know it. Again, share with us any links you’ve seen recently in the comments section!