A rumor that Cloverdale, California brewery Bear Republic would pull distribution of its beers from the Washington area spread quickly across Twitter today. After contacting Bear Republic for comment, CEO and brew master Richard Norgrove called DCBeer today to dispel any notion that his company’s beers would be leaving the DC area. Norgrove said that he was not sure where the rumor was stemming from but that he had “no desire, no intention” of changing the distribution of his beers to DC or anywhere on the east coast. He said “discussions about doing so have not occurred at any level” and that he wanted to say “categorically” that there are not plans to change distribution. He did say that distribution can be affected by things like unforeseen circumstances or miscommunication with distributors.

This should come as good news to many in the DC craft beer community who are finding Norgrove’s beers on more and more beer lists around the city. Racer 5 IPA, Red Rocket Ale, and Hop Rod Rye can be found at numerous establishments both on draft and in 22 oz. bombers, and Belgian IPA Crazy Ivan has also popped up periodically.

We will keep an eye on this story for updates, but for now you have heard it from the CEO and brew master, Bear Republic’s craft beers will continue to be around the Washington, DC area.