This past Friday and Saturday, the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival rolled into National Harbor. A sprawling collection of tents teeming with vendors hawking their various wares (anti-hangover patches anyone?) and volunteers dispensing a wide variety of brews, both craft and macro, the festival was a bit overcrowded at times but full of frivolity.

This year there were events added on Friday night, of which the centerpiece was a traditional Pig Pickin’. Saturday featured a number of fun events like a BBQ Baked Bean eating competition, mechanical bull riding, a bacon tasting, and, perhaps most intriguing, a discussion between festival coordinator Greg Nivens and Hugh Sission of Heavy Seas.

If you haven’t been out to National Harbor before, it can be a little overwhelming. The pristine streets are reminiscent of Disneyworld with a dizzying array of retail shops. Artificial as it can seem, it is an area well-suited for events like these. Missed out on the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival? Never fear, September 25 and 26 features Das Best Oktoberfest, full of wursts, steins, and lederhosen.

As you can see from the pictures below, it was a pristine day. Perfect for sipping on some beer, sampling some bourbon, and chowing down on only the finest pulled pork sandwiches.


The crowds were packed in to stay out of the sun.
Dedicated volunteers kept the glasses full!


The beer, bourbon, barbecue, and blue sky festival.

BeerBourbon5DC Beer’s very own Deverie dutifully poured Kilkenny Irish Ale!