Last night’s event at the National Geographic Grosvenor Auditorium marked the 14th craft beer tasting sponsored by National Geographic, and several that have been hosted by our guest speaker, Mr. Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery.

Cosponsored by The Brickskeller, and volunteer help provided by Brewers United for Real Potables (B.U.R.P.), the evening included a full house and delicious Scandinavian beers and foods.

Guests shared bottles of eight beers, passed amongst tables of about ten people each, and the beers included Norwegian Wood (Hand Bryggeriet, Norway), Lammin Kataja (Lammin Sahti Oy, Finland), Norrebro Julebryg (Norrebro Bryghus, Denmark), Brockhouse Esrum Kloster (Brockhouse, Denmark), Huvila-X Porter (Malmgardin Panimo, Finland), Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast (Brewed at Nogne O, Norway), Nils Oscar Barleywine (Nils Oscar, Sweden), and Nogne O Suntunrbrew (Nogne O, Norway).

Garrett, charming spokesperson for craft beer that he is, had interesting stories to accompany each delicious beer, and emphasized the growth that has occurred in the Scandinavian beer movement since about 2003.  He relayed that brewers there are reaching back in their history to portray the essence of Scandinavia in their beers.  Traditional ingredients are at the center stage, of which juniper, nutmeg, and rye are key.

Several local beer writers were present last night, and we can’t wait to hear their reaction to the event.  Citypaper’s Lagerheads also did a pre-event set of  articles, which also made it on to the Brooklyn Brewing blog.


We’d love to hear your reaction, as well.  Where you there? What beers did you like the best? The least?  Please post your comments!