The brewhouse for the Mad Fox Brewing Company in Falls Church, VA was delivered this morning at around 9:00 a.m. This brewhouse is comprised of two tanks. One tank that combines a Lauter Tun (separates spent grain from wort) and a hot water unit for brewing and sanitizing. The second tank combines the mashing, wort-boiling, and whirlpooling functions.

The operation will feature six 30 bbl fermenters, a barrel-aging room visible to the diners, and a German-style Stammtisch, or “regular’s table” which will be available to groups for private dining and drinking. The 62-foot long bar will feature six hand-pumps, although only three or four firkins will be available at a time. The dormant hand-pumps will be used be tapped and primed, so when one firkin kicks, there will be a seamless transition to a fresh firkin. You won’t have to wait while a new firkin is pulled out, tapped, and gets settled enough to pour. (Want to learn more about cask ales? Check out

The 9,200 sq-ft brewery/restaurant seems to be coming along nicely. Mad Fox’s Brewer, Bill Madden and the Director, Rick Garvin told me they think Mad Fox Brewing Company should open it’s doors by late June. The fermenting tanks should arrive next Tuesday, after which the fitting out process will begin.