What may have been the last supply of Life and Limb; the Sierra Neveda/Dogfish Head collaboration, was poured Sunday night at Scion Restaurant in Dupont.

When I arrived at just 5:15 the restaurant which is typically steady but quiet on a Sunday night, was packed with beer fans clearly waiting to order the mapley, but not over-sweet brew. Bar Manager Tim Liu remarked that two of the attendees had driven in from Baltimore. The sixtel (1/6 keg) was tapped at 5:00pm and was empty just before 7:00pm.

The snifter of Life and Limb was paired with Maple Pork Belly and Belgium Chocolate Mousse. I can’t claim to have the most nuanced palette, but both pairings along with the beer made my mouth happy.

Scion is not stopping with this tasting. They are hosting a Beer Dinner guided by Sierra Nevada’s Brad Phillips on Wednesday, January 20 at 6:00pm with a second seating at 8:30pm. The dinner is $45 and features an aperitif, four courses, and five beers. Please see the Event Calendar or Scion’s website for more details.