Tommorrow night will be another beer war. Bars love hosting beer events on Thursday. Don’t they know we are going to go to their bar anyway on Thursday? Why not pack the house on Monday or Tuesday. Anyway, in addition to Orr’s canned-beer-in-a-glass event at Red Derby (where I will be), you could also go for a little more high-brow sit down affair drinking tasty beers and eating meals in courses at The Reef. With beers like Victory Yakima Twilight, Allagash Oddessy and Troegs Mad Elf served alongside duck breast, it might be hard to pass up.

Starting at 7 PM, the beer dinner includes 4 courses, 5 beers and a Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey toast. A seat costs $50 all inclusive for the meal plus entertainment from DJ Jeff Wells–distributer for DOPs–who will be spinning and judging the dance contest to follow. He’s giving out a bottle of Jeroboam from Allagash to the best dancer.

Here is the menu from Chef Connor Ireland:

Course 1: Platter of two dips, lemony olive tapenade with hopus and muhummara for the twilight, with lavash.
Beer Pairings- Brasserie Lefevrbe “Hopus”, Victory Brewing Co. “Yakima Twilight”.

Course 2: Chicken pate ravioli with a bundle of long and flat beans.
Beer Pairing- Brasserie De Koninck “Winter Koninck”.


Course 3: Preserved chili stuffed with rice and sausage.
Beer Pairing- Allagash “Oddessey” Vintage 09

Course 4: Duck breast stuffed with chestnuts and cherries
Beer Pairing- Troegs “Mad Elf” Vintage 09

Course 5: Strong gingerbread with molasses compound butter
Beer Pairing- Liefmans “Kriek” Vintage 07- served “Gluhked” (spiced and mulled for the holiday season)

End it with Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

The Reef is at 2446 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan. You might want to call before this gets sold out. (202) 518-3800.