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Red Derby Beer Tasting This Thursday

Beerspotter, Orr Shtuhl, will be hosting a beer tasting at The Red Derby this Thursday. He will be pairing up 8 beers for side-by-side comparisons from the Derby’s extensive beer selection and he’ll be waxing philosophical on the tastes of each one. If you’ve never heard Orr talk beer, your in for a treat. This guy knows his stuff.

When I asked Orr what this was all about he said: “Well, to give you an idea of what it’s going to be like, the first tasting will be Schlitz vs. Natty Boh. People might be surprised which one they like better. After that, the rest will be good beers.” The whole point will be to find beers attendees enjoy.

Orr will be keeping it informal and on the relative cheap side — get advance tickets at the bar any night this week for $20. That will get you a chance to taste 8 beers while hearing Orr’s take on the subject as he gets more and more intoxicated.

The event is Dec 10th at 8 PM at the Red Derby up in Columbia Heights. Find it at 3718 14th St. NW just a few blocks north of Columbia Heights Metro.

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