I noticed that The Reef has updated their beer list and they have an interesting new addition. Monk’s Blood from 21st Amendment! Sure its not their Back in Black IPA which I find myself on a constant search for, but this new beer has been taunting us for awhile and has finally arrived. What is it?

Monk’s Blood is part of 21 Amendment’s new Insurrection Series which is a limited edition 4 pack of cans that is supposed to push the limit of what you might think should go in a can. It’s kinda like Oscar Blues putting the Tenfidy in cans in that respect. This monster is basically a Belgian Dubbel style–in a can. A Belgian dark-strong according to the brewery, it’s made with dried mission figs, Belgian dark candy sugar, vanilla beans and aged over oak chips. The beer is a whopping 8.3% ABV and will probably arrive in a tulip-style glass. If you start seeing these in cans around these parts, please pour it into a glass. (I implore all of you craft-can bars on H Street to let the bar tenders slide a glass alongside this beer if you ever stock it.)

Anyway, head to the Reef and report back here to tell me how it is.