Need a break from the relatives?  Or maybe you just want to prepare for the feasting in the days to come.  If the turkey you’ve been prepping is starting to look at you funny, stop in and grab a seat at the Evening Star Café tonight in Alexandria for a very special cask tapping.  An annual tradition at Evening Star Cafe, this year guests will taste the Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale, brewed by our friends up at Clipper City in Baltimore.  What’s even better is the cost – this cask tapping event has no charge, except for the cost of the beverage itself.  Evan Labb, of Evening Star Café, will join Tom Cizauskas (from Yours For Good Fermentables) to start the procession of pints at 6:00 p.m.  With an impressive draught and bottled beer list, you may want to stay for more than the cask.

Evening Star Café is located on the corner of Mount Vernon Avenue and Howell Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria.  Phone (703) 549-5051.