Brickskeller sent out an elusive email to the DC-Beer mailing list (no affiliation to this site) and stated at 5PM tonight Dave would be selling the remaining stock of his 22oz Red Barn Ale from Pizza Port/Lost Abbey in San Diego. This beer is pretty rare in these parts and the brewer Tomme Arthur is pretty genius in most of his brewings. If you can snag a bottle it’ll probably be well worth it. The beer is a Saison style.

In addition to that awesomeness, the Brick will be pouring $3.50 shaker glasses of Dogfish Head Festina Peche and Stoudts American Pale Ale till they are kicked. When they are kicked, Dave will put other beers on special, so it’s in our best interest to go there and drink the taps dry to see what else he’s got in store.

He also announced that he has Founders Breakfast Stout, Post Road Pumpkin Ale, Rodenbach, New Holland Ichabod Ale, Sierra Nevada triple and Lindemans Framboise on draft to try (but they wont be on special.)