DC Homebrewers has been around for almost 2 years now, and if you brew beer within the city limits or somewhere near a metro rail line, you might want to think about joining!

Every month, DC Homebrewers meet at a member’s apartment in DC proper, or sometimes in Arlington. They are always just a short walk from a metro stop–so no driving necessary! The brewers bring samples of their latest homebrewed concoctions to share with the rest of the club. Usually the meeting begins with some socializing where people discuss their brewing adventures, the latest beers they’ve tried or new bars they’ve checked out. After everyone arrives and signs in, they go around the room and introduce the beers they’ve brought and any facts they want to share about the recipe or process. After that, everyone gets to go around sampling until all the beer is gone.

Usually 20-30 people show up to the meetings all bringing some beer to taste, which means lots of beers to try and quite a festive atmosphere. Snacks are also sometimes brought. The meeting coming up this Wednesday is the annual Oktoberfest meeting which will involve all manner of delicious homebrew combined with beer wurst.

Beyond tasting everyone’s homebrew, the club is also starting to get into competitions for those with a competitive side. Over the last few months members from DC Homebrewers and the Wort Hogs have been brewing and submitting beers for the Iron Mug competition. Judging starts this weekend an a traveling trophy like the Stanley Cup will be given to the winner and the winner’s club until the competition happens again next year.

If you are a homebrewer in the DC area or if you are interested in getting into it check out DC Homebrewers. Sign up for their mailing list to find out where meetings and other events will be happening. Click here to go to their Google Group sign up page…


The next meeting is this Wednesday, tomorrow!