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Brew Your Own Beer at Shenandoah Brewing Co

Towards the back of the brewery is a bottling area consisting of several automatic counter-pressure bottle fillers and washers. Each washer has a table top hand capper for customer use. What? You didn’t think it was automatic did you? The conditioning rooms are a great advantage that Shenandoah can offer a home brewer, as each of the three rooms is temperature controlled for ales, lagers and various bottle conditioning. While this brewery is modest in size, the pace and efficiency of the operation is pretty awesome.

A view from the top

Customers who come to brew their own beer are first briefed on the brewing process and given an extensive menu of recipes to choose from. These aren’t just generic ales and lagers either. Customers can choose from over eighty different styles. You name it! Any recipe can be created or altered by one of the brew masters to fit your specific taste, helping each customer to create a truly unique brew.

In fact one of the house favorites, the “Chocolate Donut Stout”, was recently featured on The Food Network.

Each group is accompanied by a Shenandoah Brewer who is able to answer questions and provide feedback throughout the process. The brewers don’t do any hand holding, though. The process is several hours long and requires a good amount of work and attention. This is not a brewery tour– it’s a far more hands-on.

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