Flying Dog Dogtoberfest BottleThe Wine Specialist strikes again, this time with a Flying Dog beer tasting.

This is a pretty timely tasting as Gonzofest fast approaches! The fest, if you missed our previous Gonzofest announcement (click here to read more) is a BBQ and beer tasting hosted at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Md in honor of Hunter S. Thompson. Tasty brews and prizes for the best Hunter S. Thompson costume all Saturday afternoon! (DCBeer will be there enjoying the brews, taking some photos, and twittering, of course…)

Back to the tasting–Wine Specialist has a few tasty brews to get you primed for Gonzofest:

The tasting starts at 5 PM and goes till 8 PM. Wine Specialist is at 2115 M Street south of Dupont Circle, right by the New Hampshire Ave intersection with M St.