Sorry this is going out so late, but I hadn’t heard any news of the grand opening in a while and Pizzeria Paradiso wasn’t returning my emails apparently…maybe I need a real contact? Anyway Saturday Pizzeria Paradiso opens with more seats and more beer!

Going Out Gurus got the scoop:

Bar manager Greg Jasgur says there are 180 bottles, 12 draft lines and one English-style cask ale. Here’s the cool part: “Right now, there’s no overlap [between the beer lists in Georgetown and Dupont],” he says. So if you want to try the Bear Republic Nor Cal, a limited “California bitter,” or the new Allagash Fluxus 09, a saison brewed with sweet potato and black pepper, then you’ll have to go to Dupont Circle.

Going Out Gurus – New: Pizza and Brews in Dupont Circle.

Doors open at noon!