Beer is people. It’s made, distributed, delivered, sold, and served by people. For our final DC Beer Show of 2020, we wanted to take you, dear listeners, back to that. What better way to do so than to turn the mic over to Jamaal Lemon? Lemon penned “Mutated Anxieties — Living (and Parenting) While Black in the Face of Law Enforcement and COVID-19” for Good Beer Hunting, which won the award for Best Criticism or Commentary from the North American Guild of Beer Writers earlier in the year.

Jamaal has been on the podcast before, but we thought his experience as a Black man in America during a time of social upheaval–brought on by both an increased focus on police brutality and a pandemic that has exacerbated inequalities in this country–would be an appropriate way to close out the year. As such, there isn’t much “beer” in this episode. But there is “people”.

Jamaal talks about his article, about being Black in America in 2020, about why the Black community might distrust a COVID-19 vaccine, and yeah, a little bit about beer.

We’ll be back with new episodes of The DC Beer Show in 2021, with more focus on beer, but also more on people. Thanks for listening, and have a happy, healthy, and safe end of the year.

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