DC Beer’s Richard sits down with Jamaal Lemon and Myron “Shep” Jenkins to talk help-the-pourabout their journey from beer novices to hosts of the podcast Help the Pour.

The Early Beer Days

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Jamaal and Shep are longtime friends living in the DC area who share two passions: beer and travel. Several years ago, they began a travel blog called the Wayfarer Study that chronicled their travels to European cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Rome. 

Later, they expanded their blog by creating a Youtube channel called One Beer, in which they reviewed a new international beer every episode. In a creative twist, they also named a music album that reminded them of each beer. 

Drink It Internship

In 2016, Jamaal and Shep beat out thousands of competitors for the World of Beer’s summer-long “Drink It Internship.” This program sent them around the world to drink beer and promote World of Beer events on social media. Some highlights of the internship included running a Chicago Beer mile, camping out at the Ommegang beer festival in Cooperstown, NY, and drinking beer at the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, in Germany.

Help the Pour Podcast 

Over the past several years exploring and promoting beer, Jamaal and Shep noticed that, although they met several women deeply involved in the beer scene, the stereotype of “women don’t like beer” persists. To challenge this stereotype, Jamaal and Shep created the Help the Pour podcast that interviews women about different topics in beer. 

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