This post was written by Bruce Webster, with additions from Jacob Berg. 

With the Savor program getting posted on the website earlier this week, there wasn’t a lot of time to write full profiles breaking down the food and beer pairings that will be available tonight. So, instead we’re highlighting a few beers and pairings that caught our attention and were not included in previous coverage; the weird beers (Hi-Wire’s Japanese-Style Dry Rice Lager with the Miso Cod is practically a cheat code of beer and food pairing, and should be excellent, Table 87), the local lagers (Bluejacket’s Change Tomorrow German Pilsner and tempura mushrooms/Manor Hill’s Infine Italian Pilsner and sugar snap pea curry? Double yes, Table 95 and Table 110, respectively.), and of course the Top 20 list (Cloudburst’s Happy Little Clouds comes with a lobster roll–Table 63–and Wibby’s lagers are tucked away upstairs with the raw oysters!).

Here’s a few more to keep in mind (in no particular order beyond alphabetical by brewery):
3 Sons Pevec Saison (collaboration with Casey Brewing and Blending) with a Crab Laarb Lettuce Wrap, Table 14.
3 Sons is one of several breweries I was excited to try at the cancelled 2020 edition of Savor, so I’m eager to try this traditional saison with Colorado-grown barley, wheat and spelt, and I think the lettuce wrap is going to be a simple, clean pairing (and easy to grab and go as well). It should serve well as a nice start to the evening or a quick palate cleanser later in the night. — Bruce Webster

Amor Artis Plant Candy with a Country-style Pâté, Table 97.
This spruce-tip IPA with additional dry-hopping suggests a pairing with some flavor and fattiness, and this should certainly fit the bill. There are less IPAs than usual at Savor this year, and this should be certainly one of the more interesting ones. — Bruce Webster

Atlas Brew Works 202 (Brett Beer) with Lamb Cassoulet, Table 19.
How about a delightfully carbonated slightly funky slightly tropical mixed fermentation ale with lamb? “Acid cuts fat” is a truism of beer pairings and this could be the ur-example at this year’s fest. – Jacob Berg


COOP Ale Works ID #15 with a Scone, Devonshire Cream, and Blackberry, Table 42. We’ve seen some dinner pairings, we’ll see some dessert pairings, but how about a high tea or brunch pairing? This barrel-aged sour should play nicely with the cream, and both beer and food have notes of dark fruits. – Jacob Berg

Future Primitive Pilsner with a Dakkocchi (Korean spiced chicken skewer), Table 86.
I’ve heard a lot of good things about this brewery and both of their Savor offerings, but this pairing sounds like the better of the two to me. German malt and hops lend to a dry finish that should be a welcome break from the spiced chicken. — Bruce Webster

Land-Grant Matcha Mochi Sour with Maryland Pit Beef, Table 47.
Usually there are at least a couple of pairings that on paper seem very odd but, over the years volunteering at Savor, I have learned that is the time for boldness, and this is one of those pairings for me. The sour pairing with especially the horseradish is notable, and I think it will be worth trying. For a more conventional pairing, Land-Grant’s other offering is a smoke beer paired with burnt ends, which also sounds good to me. — Bruce Webster
Note that Pit Beef is also being paired with a smoked beer (Round Trip Brewing, Table 55) and a Scotch barrel-aged beer (Ska Brewing, Table 25). This is gonna be fun. – Jacob Berg

Oskar Blues BA22Vol 8: Imperial Stout Aged in Port and Rye Whiskey Barrels with Flatiron Steak and Roasted Fig Miso, Table 12.
Let’s do an umami bomb. We’ve got dark malts, oak tannins, a hint of overripe grapes, and a snappy rye spice with meat. But wait, there’s more! Roasted figs and miso!? This is going to be a maillard reaction in your mouth. – Jacob Berg

Site-1 Brewing Cerna Dira dark lager with Roast Lamb and Polenta, and Leicht Speed Pils with Chicken Chicharrones, Table 9.
Want a lesson in beerpairing? How about two lagers under 5% with dishes you could make at home? Your “under the radar” pick for where you can find me much of the night. – Jacob Berg

West Sixth Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Brownie with Chicken Mole, Table 5. There are several dessert beers that have been paired with churros and chocolates, and they should be great, but I am more interested in this savory pairing from this Savor veteran. The bourbon barrel brown ale with vanilla and cocoa nibs should be a good match with the mole spices. — Bruce Webster