Crowdsource that beer! A funny thing happened during the Right Proper/Black Brew Movement/DC Beer Cuffing Saison release party. It seems that blogger extraordinaire Barred in DC, Right Proper’s Bobby Bump, and this site’s own Michael Stein are going to brew a beer, and you, dear reader, get to decide on the details. How? By voting in twitter polls, as is Barred’s style. For starters. Crowdsource that beer!

Now vote in Round Two!

Round Three: Hops!


Round Four: Moar Hops!

Round Five: Adjuncts!

Round Six: Moar Adjuncts!

Round Seven: Alcohol By Volume (ABV)

Round Eight: We have no idea what’s going on here!

Please let this be the tenth and final poll.

Round Nine: Lager or Saison?


The details, from Barred himself:

“We’ve devised a series of Twitter polls querying DC on their preferred beer characteristics (including appearance, body, hops, other ingredients, ABV, and others). The beer will be crafted based on whatever characteristics are the top result of each poll, which will be tweeted out over the next few weeks. This may be either brilliance or madness (why not both?), but the beer will be available for all at a release party at Right Proper’s Shaw Brewpub in the coming months.”

Crowdsource a beer?

Barred In DC and Right Proper Brewing Company are crowdsourcing  beer recipe!

Stein notes, “we often think of the blogs (and now Twitter) as being more cutting edge than the major publications. As I write both as a professional and an amateur, I love the blurring of the lines of professional and not. This is exactly what Bobby Bump has done at Right Proper. He has worked with us and Black Brew Movement to make Cuffing Saison, as well as his series of staff beers. These beers have turned people who have never made beer before into brewers; the blurring of these lines is where the independent beer movement gets its strength from. It’s much the same with how the work of Barred in DC keeps the professional coverers of the food beer and nightlife scene on their toes. When the collaboration was proposed from Bobby to Raman Santra [who runs Barred in DC], we immediately thought of the idea of the poll. So much of his work comes from polling, and it’s yielded interesting results. We love that idea applied to a collaborative beer.”

As for where the final product, Santra writes, “We are incredibly excited to partner with Right Proper on this beer that will be designed by DC, for DC (at least the niche of people who follow us on Twitter). I’m very intrigued on how it ends up, because I have no idea.”

While this beer will be “Designed By DC, For DC,” we here at DC Beer are not above attempting to exert some influence over the proceedings. Smoked Haxan, anybody? 

Vote early, and vote often.