Do you like Bluejacket? Have you been thinking that you would like more Bluejacket but not like at Bluejacket but to take home to drink in a non-Bluejacket venue? Have you ever wanted to be an "officer" of some kind but you don't have the discipline or drive or clean criminal background to make it happen? Today is gonna be your day. Well, tomorrow, technically.

Bluejacket is launching the Officers' Club, a reserve society that will give its members access to exclusive Bluejacket beers and other perks. Here are the details:

Tickets will go on sale online tomorrow via this link:  Annual membership is $225, and will be limited to only 200 people.

2018 members will get the chance to renew their memberships for 2019 before it becomes available to the public in December 2018. Since DC law allows the shipment of beer to customers in other states, Bluejacket will open our membership up nationally and ship to those states that are legally allowed to receive beer shipments. 


Happy officering, folks.