Liquid Integrity, a locally owned and operated company dedicated to promoting quality beverage experiences, has released a new product aimed at improving the beer experience (or any beverage experience, really) at festivals, large-scale tastings, and any situation where samples of multiple beers are being served. The InstaRinse Portable Glass Rinser is available now.

The InstaRinse aims to correct a frequent problem at tastings: residue that remains in the glass between samples. Although some festivals try to mitigate this by providing disposable cups, this is both less environmentally sound and presents the unfortunate instance of drinking high-end beverages from low-end vessels. The InstaRinse is battery-powered and replaces the need for pitchers of water and dump buckets. Water goes into the InstaRinse's tank, you press down on the metal platform (as seen in most bars these days), and away you go.

"We believe we have achieved an extremely durable, gas free, anti-microbial result with InstaRinse, and we are excited for the brewing, distilling and wine industries to see it in use," Liquid Integrity CFO Mick Nardelli writes via email. "Simply put, brewers, distillers and vintners work too hard to produce their products to have them tainted by dirty glassware, and InstaRinse provides a solution to this for festivals, large tastings, taprooms, tasting rooms and home use."

Nardelli is one of five partners at Liquid Integrity. Among the other four are well-known faces to the DC beer community.

The InstaRinse was launched at this year's Craft Brewers Conference, featured by some breweries at this year's SAVOR, and Nardelli reports that the product has generated a lot of interest from breweries and distributors, especially those engaged in the beer tasting circuit.


Right now, the InstaRinse is on sale for $125.