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Good morning. Before we get into the funny business, I implore you to read this poignant essay by Port City’s Northern Virginia sales rep and all-around good guy Nick Anderson. He chronicles his mother's struggle and decline due to early-onset Alzheimer's Disease and his own struggles to come to terms with that reality. Keep him in your thoughts. There are few more affable, approachable people in the business than Nick. We wish him the best.

Since I started seriously, I’ll continue for just a bit as The Week looks at a scary freak accident involving beer-drinking that had deadly consequences.

I suppose it comes just in time that apparently a scientist has invented synthehol. I imagine matter transportation and the holodeck aren’t far behind.

I know one place where synthehol won’t be pouring: The Great American Beer Festival in Denver.


The Void isn’t there because no one paid for our trip, but here’s a word from our sponsors.

South Florida contract brewer Brew Hub announced it will begin to brew beer for South Korea’s The Booth Brewing Co. It is the official Void position that more brewing capacity is good. Now if I can just work on that pipeline directly to my face, I’ll be set. Patrick Stewart agrees.

Quarrelsome local brewery and bar Bardo got… uh… sort of approved for their location near Nats Park for which they would close their current Trinidad location if approved. The sound of this makes it seem like the ANC doesn’t really want to talk to them anymore. Considering they disparaged their current neighborhood in the hearing, I don’t blame them.

In your weekly #insatiableanimals roundup, the man who helped popularize and spread IPA in the United States, Mitch Steele, thinks IPA has gone too far. Will Gordon thinks fruit IPAs are cheating, but Beer Advocate says even if they are, they're not going away. Josh Bernstein debunks eight IPA myths (yes the ‘IPA was developed to endure a long boat ride’ story is still wrong). Bill DeBaun had thoughts about IPAs and dirty lines years ago.

IPAs aren’t going away, but, as documented on the Void News Network, the wind is dying down in the sails of the pumpkin beer trend. And people who were anti-pumpkin are happy to hear that pilsner is picking up the slack.

I’ve been a golfer my whole life, and honestly, I have never been the least bit tipsy on a golf course. Anyone that’s ever played knows that golf is hard enough without being under the influence, but I’ve played with people that down four or five beers during a round and continue to play like it’s nothing. With this in mind, lots of beer was sold at Hazeltine during the Ryder Cup tournament to the surprise of no one.

Carlsberg found a bottle of beer from 1833 in its cellar. They said it was still drinkable. I have my doubts. Sam Calagione’s Google alert for old beer went nuts this week.

Speaking of, SABMiller reflected on its own history and legacy in its final week as a company before it gets broken up and its spare parts merge with AB-Inbev. Of course SABMiller is also a massive conglomerate made up of other spare parts, but this is still a good read on a company that has global reach.

The global theme of beer continues, as craft beer becomes a pathway for female entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

Does anyone want some METAL WITH THEIR BEER?!?!?!

Remember Will Gordon? He has beers for fall activities. Personally, my favorite fall activity is drinking a beer. What beer should I drink for that activity?

A Void happy birthday to DC beer Zeus-figure Greg Engert, who's about to open a nice spot in Montgomery County, Maryland and tries really, really hard to praise the MoCo liquor monopoly. Greg is always trying to make friends. And soon his bar will be able to buy liquor direct from local distilleries like he can with beer and wine.

For the analytical amongst us, Bryan Roth looks at the rise of breweries tugging at local bars and pubs.There are graphs in here. Step lively.

The Void returns next week. It’s always spooky here, so go be festive on your own time. Meanwhile, we’ll be aging well.