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Good morning. I assume that whatever is remaining in your retirement portfolio is in order following the Brexit vote, and if you haven’t looked yet, please just don’t, and believe what I’m saying: back away from the computer very slowly or purchase more beer immediately.

Let’s talk about something more positive. How are your dreams for starting a brewery going?!

Uhhhhhh, okey dokey! Let’s keep moving…

Boy is this link from Beervana about beer bringing people together in an uncertain political climate timely.


Also, never forget, as this tweet by Bart Watson at Brewerstats illustrates, we are also held together by being #insatiableanimals.

Also, hey look, more hops means better prices?

That is, of course, if the demand curve ever slows down for them.

But DRAFT magazine says we could have it all wrong. Much like special relativity, bitterness ratings in beer have proven difficult to measure, and our primary unit, IBUs, may not be the way to do it.  

More on the IPA front, here’s more from Beervana about engineering a winning IPA in a bottle by paying attention to how it ages.

IPAs aside, how are stouts doing? Well, for at least one notable macro, not great.


Last week, I linked to a story on a California brewery with a gallingly inappropriate new name. As with many things, the backlash was swift. And, unfortunately, well over the top, including death threats and broken windows. At least one critic who met with them at the brewery “[believes] in second chances” and the rock thrown through the window spawned the new name, so at least there is a bright side. But as DCBeer’s own contributor John Fleury said: everyone lost. There were no real winners in this story.


In what may be the most buried lede of all time, the final sentence of this article about Lambic brewers fighting against often illegal resale markets say that some breweries plan to offer online sales to curtail the market.

Yes, that’s right: Cantillon could be going digital. We’ll patiently look for more confirmation from them in the coming months, for sure.


Stouts and Stillettos talks about eroding brand loyalty in craft beer and what that means for flagship beers in portfolios. Better enjoy those flagships you’re nostalgic for while you can because it doesn’t sound good. But more good beer will come along behind it.

“Data! Data! Data! [Holmes] cried impatiently. “I can’t make bricks without clay.”


Alementary in New Jersey has a fancy-pants program that gives patrons tons of useful info on the beer they’re drinking and how much is left in the keg. I think more breweries and beer bars could learn from this setup.



Just buy cases of macros, it’s fine. Quantity over quality.

After all, Blue Moon is at least kinda craft now, right?

Ok, ok, fine. Take this brewery crawl on a nice day this weekend and support some local businesses instead.

See you next week, tea lizards.