Here at DCBeer, we’re starting off 2016 by looking back at the beers that impressed us in 2015. Unlike other websites that give you all of their year-end content at the end of the year, we’re giving it to you at the beginning of the year instead. We remain the most iconoclastic DC-based beer blog around. There were no guidelines for what did and didn’t count as 2015, as you’ll see. Some of us restricted our lists to beers that were first released in 2015, or that we first had in 2015 regardless of release, or even just the best overall beers we had in 2015 regardless of when they were released or when we first had them. Life is fickle.

Here’s the first set of picks from our staff and friends of the site. Expect the rest throughout the week!

Josh “JP” Perry:

Nick Rakowski:


Paul Josuns:

Jake Berg:



New in the Market:

Bruce Webster:


SAVOR 2015:


GABF/Rare Beer Fest/Other Travels:

Check back tomorrow for even more picks! Disagree? Agree? Want to add your own? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!