Dear readers,
For nearly four years now, I’ve had the great honor of writing for, and then co-editing, DC Beer.  Over that time, the site has grown and evolved along with the beer community, due mostly to the hard work  of my co-editor Bill and our dedicated writers.  While I wouldn’t presume to take credit for its growth, I’m proud that DC Beer continues to be an invaluable resource for local beer lovers.
And so it’s with mixed feelings that I’ll be stepping down from my position of co-editor on Friday, November 6th.  The site will go on uninterrupted – some might say newly unfettered – after my departure.  There may be some minor tweaks here and there, but you shouldn’t notice a change at all…presuming those persistent Indonesian hackers leave off it for a while. 
I won’t be going far.  Starting mid-November, I’ll be handling Marketing and Outreach for Port City Brewing Company.  As anyone who’s met me knows, I think the world of this brewery, so I count myself incredibly fortunate to be given this opportunity.  You'll still be able to find me in the same DC watering holes, just wearing a different hat.
Before I sign off, I wanted to say thanks.  Thanks to Bill DeBaun and Andrew Nations for bringing me on board way back when and believing in me enough to name me co-editor.  Thanks to our crack writers for all their hard (unpaid) work.  And thanks to you, readers, for being a smart, thirsty bunch who have always demanded more.  See you all at the bar real soon.

Chris Van Orden