Last year, in honor of the NFL season kicking off, we took a stab at picking our local beer fantasy teams. It was a fun exercise and thought experiment, and it only got more difficult this year. The local beer fantasy draft answers the question: "Given the chance to pick up beers from area breweries to pack into one ultimate fictional brewery, which would make the cut for each of us?"

Like last year, we abided by a few parameters: 

Those rules established, we each set off to pick our own fantasy brewery. We invite, and actually strongly encourage, you to email your own fantasy picks to us at Make sure to play by the rules outlined above and give us a brief explanation of your picks (if you care to)! Next week we'll collect all of these and publish them in one big community post to see what some other members of #dcbrews think are the choice local beers. Here's what we came up with!

Jacob Berg, Staff Writer


I could just go with my picks from last year, maybe swapping out Right Proper’s Ornette for Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne, but what would be the fun in that? I was also told I could add beers for Baltimore, but to me that’s a separate post, so I decided to try this again, without repeating any beers in their previous positions. Here goes.

Flagships: Flying Dog – Raging Bitch Belgian IPA; Ocelot – Home IPA; DC Brau – Brau Pils; Capitol City – Amber Waves; Franklin’s – A Modest ProposALE Irish Stout

Last year I went IPA-less in the flagship category, a bold move. So this year I have two, which is a much more “normal” choice in beer in 2015. Flying Dog’s Belgian IPA almost made the cut last year. This year it’s in, along with a newcomer, Ocelot’s Home, an homage to Alpine’s famed Nelson rye ale. A bit more cereal in the grain of the former is all that separates student from teacher. I'll also add DC Brau’s Brau Pils to the year-round list. It’s only been out for a few months, but it is already one of their better beers, and a sessionable pilsner never goes out of style. While American amber ales aren’t trendy, this one took the silver at last year’s Great American Beer Festival. A hit of Columbus and Cascade hops separates it from some of its more rote brethren. Finally, clocking in at 4% ABV, I could drink Franklin's dry stout, regular or nitro, pretty much all year-round.


Limited Release:

Chris Van Orden, Co-Editor

Flagships: Port City – Porter; Hellbender – Southern Torrent Saison; Mad Fox – Kellerbier Kolsch; Bluejacket – Lost Weekend; Atlas Brew Works – Rowdy
Seasonals: Spring: District Chophouse – Uberhop Czech Pilsener; Summer: Right Proper – Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne; Fall: Lost Rhino – Tmavy; Winter: Flying Dog – Barrel-aged Gonzo
Limited: DC Brau – On the Wings of Armageddon; 3 Stars – Harvester of Sorrow (Cabernet-Barrel-Aged Saison); Atlas Brew Works – Red Wine Saison de Brett

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I went back to my picks from last year and made substitutions where I thought they were merited. I still tried to cover a wide range of styles rather than assemble a thematically consistent portfolio; I respect breweries that go all lagers or all farmhouse, but I wanted to appeal to the widest audience possible here.

Like last year, my approach was to carry at least one flagship for every palate. I kept my choices in the dark and roasty, delicate lager, hop-forward, and wildcard categories. My only change was to use Hellbender’s saison, a great representation of the style, for the yeast-driven slot. Pretty much anyone who likes beer can find something up their alley from this core five.

For seasonals, I chose beers that hold a special seasonal appeal to me. Winter is the only time of year that I crave something massive, so I went with a classic: the barrel-aged version of Flying Dog’s Gonzo. At the end of winter, I’m dying for the weather to mellow, so I thought a nice clean pils would get me thinking of sunnier days. Bright acidity and low ABV do the trick in DC’s sweltering summer, while the fall’s rapidly cooling temps calls for a beer that you can enjoy equally in shorts and in sweaters.

Last but not least, the limited releases. I only changed one beer here from last year’s draft. I stuck with OTWOA, which remains “a world class hop bomb and, just as important, is crazy fresh when you drink it here,” as well as Harvester, the wine barrel-aged saison from 3 Stars that’s still one of the most memorable beers made in DC to date. And my new pick, the barreled and funked version of Atlas’s Saison des Fetes, gives me that Brett hit I need every so often.

Paul Josuns, Staff Writer

Flagships: Denizens – Bohemian Pilsner; Old Ox – Black Ox; DC Brau – The Public; Heavy Seas – Cutlass Amber; 3 Stars – Ghost White IPA
Seasonals: Spring: Flying Dog – Brewhouse Rarities: Doppelbock; Summer: Port City – Derecho Common; Fall: Lost Rhino – Rhin'Ofest; Winter: Bluejacket – Mexican Radio
Limited: Mad Fox – Orange Whip; DC Brau – Penn Quarter Porter; Port City – Ways and Means
It was really easy to come up with about half of this list, and I started by trying to think of 12 distinct beers, but that didn't really work out. I ultimately decided to make each category as balanced as possible. You'll also notice that I have very few beers on the high end of the ABV range. If you've noticed my tendencies up until now, this is no surprise – I tend to prefer lower ABV beers so I can have an extra one (or two).

For the flagships, I really tried to satiate my palate for every occasion. I have a dark and bitter beer in Black Ox and a light and crisp pilsner in Denizen's Bo Pils (which is actually one of my favorite beers on this entire list). I actually find it odd that I don't have a traditional IPA as a flagship, but the Public and Ghost fill that gap nicely. I recently was re-introduced to Cutlass, and I'd forgotten how tasty a fresh version of this beer can be.

Seasonals were definitely the hardest category for me to complete, and I ended up leaving out a traditional "winter" beer and inserting Mexican Radio instead. I really like this beer, and I think the spices in a sweet stout like this go along with the winter season. I also drink a ton of commons in the summer time, and Port City's is definitely my favorite. I left out harvest ales and other hoppy beers in the seasonal category because they're prevalent in other areas. I'm going for balance here.

Penn Quarter Porter is relatively easy to find around town, and I was surprised Brau lists it as a "limited" release. That said, I like it enough that I had no problem moving it to the limited category. This is also where I can get my fix for the bitter and hoppy. Orange Whip is another of my favorite beers in the region, and Ways and Means is one of the better session beers around. Looking back, I'm a little surprised by the lack of imperial stout on my list, but then I can't really think of a local version that knocks my socks off. I'm not a huge fan of the "imperial porter" thing, and I have yet to have a truly great imperial stout from the area. I'm sure it exists, I just haven't had it.

I omitted two beers I do really enjoy: Hellbender Kolsch and Bluejacket Forbidden Planet. Kolsch is indeed one of my favorite styles, but I feel as though I would have to move away from the balance I have in my list in order to account for either of these. Oh well, my fantasy season is already over, so what does it matter?

Bill DeBaun, Co-Editor

Flagships: Bluejacket – Lost Weekend, DC Brau – Brau Pils (replaces DC Brau – The Public), Port City – Porter, Port City – Optimal Wit, Fair Winds – Siren's Lure (replaces 3 Stars – Peppercorn Saison)

Seasonals: Spring: Mad Fox – Kolsch (replaces Bluejacket – The Twit); Summer: Right Proper – Kick.Kick.Snare (replaces Mad Fox – Kolsch); Fall: Atlas – Rowdy Rye (replaces Lost Rhino – Rhin’Ofest); Winter: District Chophouse – Nut Brown (replaces 3 Stars – Pandemic Porter)

Limited Releases: Lost Rhino – Bacterium Blondus (replaces 3 Stars – Harvester of Sorrow); Bluejacket – A Little Golden Gem (replaces DC Brau/Union – Yonder Cities); 3 Stars – Pandemic Porter (replaces Port City – Tidings).

It was decidedly more difficult to pick my fantasy beer lineup than last year. Not only are there more local breweries to choose from, but existing breweries continue to expand their portfolios, and of course the beers that were good last year haven’t exactly decreased in quality this year. Challenging to say the least is picking from the abundance of riches in the local market.

Bluejacket’s Lost Weekend remains my favorite beer in the market and the first beer in my flagship lineup. In the last year, the recipe has been tweaked a little bit and has moved slightly away from the softness of white peach and nectarine and toward a more assertive Citra flavor. DC Brau’s Brau Pils replaces the brewery’s Public, not only because I’d like a lager in my flagship lineup, but also because I just prefer it overall. Port City’s Porter and Optimal Wit both retain their places. These are the best examples of each of their respective styles in the area and, given the GABF hardware they just picked up, the country. Fair Winds, which opened in the last year, cracks the flagship with its Siren’s Lure saison. This is easily one of the best local beers I’ve had in the past year, and apparently the GABF judges agree because the newcomers picked up a gold medal in 2015.

My seasonals have definitely been shaken up since last year. Mad Fox’s Kolsch (the unfiltered one!) slides one season earlier into spring and heralds the break from winter’s cold. It makes way for Right Proper’s frankly addictive Kick.Kick.Snare which is a Berlinerweisse heavily hopped with Citra and Cascade whose 3.1% is is better than Gatorade for a hot summer day. Although there are a number of great marzens in the area (Port City, Lost Rhino, and Flying Dog have all won medals for theirs and DC Brau will certainly get one sooner or later), I turn fall over to Atlas’s Rowdy Rye IPA. The intense rye flavor balanced with assertive bitterness eases the slide from summer’s scorch to autumn’s chill (and appeases hop heads, you’ve got to make what sells). Moving into full winter, I move the District Chophouse’s Nut Brown Ale in. Its comforting maltiness is a joy in front of a fire or on a chilly day, and if you manage to catch it on cask with hazelnuts all the better.

All three limited releases are switched up for me this year. 3 Stars’ Pandemic remains one of the most impressive imperials in the area, especially when it’s finished one of the multitudes of barrels the brewery has acquired. It is a high gravity treat that doesn’t disappoint. Pandemic replaces Port City’s Tidings, which remains an underrated holiday beer (and my favorite one each year). Although Union produced Royal Farmhouse, which is similar (in both style and excellence) to their collaboration with Brau of a few years ago, I bounced it from my list because it’s a Baltimore brewery. It’s replaced by Bluejacket’s kumquat gose, A Little Golden Gem, which is resource intensive and consequently expensive but ultimately something I can’t wait for the return of next year. Lost Rhino’s Bacterium Blondus, from its Genus Loci series, is one of the most impressive beers in the area. It is the only beer I’ve purchased a case of in the past two years, and it is every bit as tasty as most Belgian lambics I’ve had. Although they’ve added local fruit in other renditions, the straight up lambic remains my favorite of the bunch and decidedly worthy of a spot in my lineup.

Honorable Mentions: Right Proper – Kodachrome Dream(ing); 3 Stars – Above the Clouds; 3 Stars – Harvester of Sorrow; Lost Rhino – Rhin’Ofest; Hellbender – Red, White, & Gluten; Hellbender – Southern Torrent Saison; Bluejacket – Fields of Friendly Strife; Atlas Brew Works – Le Saison des Brett; Ocelot – Home

UPDATED: Some friends of the site sent us their own picks. Check them out below!
Nick "The Beermonger" Anderson, Port City Brewing Company Sales Representative and Local Beer Font of Knowledge
Flagships: Optimal Wit, Port City; Mason's Dark Mild, Mad Fox; Face Plant IPA, Lost Rhino; Maniacal DIPA, Port City; Porter, Port City
I know, I know–I'm having to work really hard not to just be that guy and go all Port City; I do work for them, after all. But I was looking to fill a 'dark beer' slot, and Porter just does it for me. Optimal is a go-to, I love me some Face Plant, and Maniacal would be an awesome year-round DIPA. 
Seasonal: Spring–Ornette, Right Proper; Summer–Together We Stand, Ocelot (collab w/Crooked Run); Fall–Tartan, Port City; Winter–Tidings, Port City
Together We Stand was maybe my favorite beer at the VA Craft Brewers Fest; it'd be an awesome summer seasonal. Tartan goes in my fall slot because I love it. Tidings is a great 'alternative' winter beer; spicy but not dark and rich. 
Limited: Sea Of Spears, Oliver Brewing; Long Black Veil, Port City; BA Colossal One, Port City
Yeah, I'm that guy. I'm obsessed with Oliver Brewing right now, and Sea Of Spears consistently blows me away. The others, I'm looking at as 4-month releases, and LBV would work great as a fall into winter release, while BA Colossal One would roll strong through winter and wrap in spring. 
Bonus! A lineup where I recuse myself from including any Port City beers. 
Flagships: Ornette, Right Proper; Mason's Dark Mild, Mad Fox; Sea Of Spears, Oliver Brewing; Rowdy, Atlas; Face Plant IPA, Lost Rhino
Not kidding about the Oliver love. Rowdy gets a slot because rye deliciousness. 
Seasonal: Spring–Together We Stand, Ocelot (collab w/Crooked Run); Summer–The Tradition, DC Brau; Fall–Earl Grey Black Wheat, Flying Dog; Winter–Winter Storm Warning, Heavy Seas

The Tradition screams 'Summer Ale' to me. I really dug the Earl Grey from Flying Dog so it gets the fall slot, while Winter Storm Warning checks my 'alternative winter beer' box (not to mention it was the first Heavy Seas beer I ever tried/sold). 
Limited: OTWOA, DC Brau; 2200lbs of Sin, Lost Rhino; BA Gonzo Imperial Porter, Flying Dog
Big DIPA, a Barleywine made to drink young, and a massive Bourbon barrel-aged dark beer. Hitting the stations of the limited beer cross there. 
Jared Bassman, Local Craft Beer Fixture
Flagships: Ocelot-Two Lost Souls, Bluejacket-Forbidden Planet, Port City-Porter, Fair Winds-Siren's Lure, Ocelot-Kiss the Sky

Seaonals: Spring: DC Brau-Brau Pils Summer:Right Proper-Songlines Fall:Right Proper-Haxan, Winter: Flying Dog-Barrel Aged Gonzo

Limited Release: Right Proper-Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne, DC Brau-Solar Abyss, Bluejacket-Red Wine Barrel-Aged Cherry Trouble

Ocelot was easily the biggest surprise to me this year coming in under the radar and consistently killing it on their hoppier offerings so I opted for not just one but two of their offerings as flagships. Two Lost Souls is a very juicy IPA that I've been enjoying recently and I couldn't resist pairing it with Kiss the Sky for it's excellent bitterness. At this point I think Forbidden Planet from Bluejacket and Port City's porter are ubiquitous examples of their styles and rounded out my flagships with Siren's Lure, another delicious addition to the DC saison field.

For seasonals I opted to go for styles that fit the best for the weather to me. To  ring in the spring I feel Brau Pils is an excellent clean example of the style as the weather warms and I'm ready to get away from the litany of stouts of the past months. I'm going with a pair of Right Proper beers for the next two seasons with Songlines in the Summer and Haxan in the fall. Songlines has a wonderful balance of funk and citrus notes for the intense heat of DC Summer and the milky chocolate notes of Haxan make it perfect as the weather starts to cool. Finally I agree with Chris that Winter is for big beers and that Barrel-Aged Gonzo is always a great choice.

In the limited release category I decided to pick 3 of my favorite beers that I wish we saw more regularly. I know I'm a little Right Proper heavy but I would be remiss to not put Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne on my list since I love how delightfully tart it is and consider it my favorite beer made in the area. I have a bit of addiction to cherry beers and fell in love with how much cherry flavor Bluejacket was able to impart in it's alright delightful Trouble. Finally the batch of Solar Abyss this year from DC Brau had a nearly perfect mosaic hit so it gets the slight nod over OTWOA.

Want to send us your own fantasy team? Follow the rules outlned above and leave it in the comments or email us at!