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SAVOR 2014 Brewery Profile: Sun King Brewing (@sunkingbrewing)

By DCBeer contributor Josh "JP" Perry

Name: Sun King Brewing

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Website: http://www.sunkingbrewing.com/

Type: Production facility

Available in DC Market: Yes

Brief History: Sun King Brewing Company is an Indianapolis-based craft brewery with a focus on continually creating traditional seasonal and unique specialty beers. Sun King rolled its first keg of beer out the door in July 2009 and since that time has grown into the second largest brewery in Indiana. Sun King's beers have been awarded multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup.

Beer 1: Hop Up Off of that Brett (Belgian-Style Golden Ale with Brettanomyces / 5.8%)

In Their Words: Fermented with a wild yeast that imparts a funky character, and then dry hopped. The result is a beer with subtle bitterness balanced by flavors of lemon meringue, peach, and apricot.

Food Pairing: Clams on the Half. Steamed clams topped with garlic, thyme and lemon. Served chilled on the shell.

Our Thoughts: I love that this beer comes in cans! This is an example of a beer that has eluded me for a while and I plan on properly rectifying that ASAP. They are using one of my favorite Brett strains
in this beer and I look forward to the dank fruitiness that it imparts. I have high hopes for this beer. Clams with a hint of lemon will be incredible with this style of beer.

Beer 2: Lonesome Dove (Tripel / 10%)

In Their Words: Lonesome Dove is a bourbon barrel aged version of our Batch 777: Touched by an Angel; an effervescent Belgian-Style Tripel with hints of peach cobbler. Lonesome Dove is full of big bourbon flavors balanced by Belgian-Style Tripel character.

Food Pairing: Spice Cake. Rich spice cake soaked in cinnamon and fried French toast style.

Our Thoughts: The problem I have always had with Belgian Style Tripels, is if they are fermented out properly, the high alcohol is not inhibitive, and allows for the evening to go sideways. If any of
Sun King's other options are an indicator, this will be the sneak attack beer that takes a few people out the game. I would have liked to see a heartier dish, maybe a meat of sorts with this, but feel if
done right it will be solid. I am looking forward to trying this one.

This profile is a part of the DCBeer.com SAVOR Brewery Profile series. For more information, follow the link to see profiles of all 2014 SAVOR participants


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