France is famous for its wines, and justly so, but people seriously sleep on their bière.  The French are all about gustatory satisfaction and if you take a quick gander at a map, you’ll see that the nation is in some good geographic company beer-wise (here’s looking at you, Germany and Belgium).

On Friday, August 24th at 6pmChurchKey is showcasing a Gallic star: Brasserie Bourganel.  The top notch, little-known producer will be making its DC debut and its Export Manager, Hubert Pommier, will be on hand to hold court and generally dish knowledge.  From the press release:

Bourganel is a small, independent craft brewery from the Ardeche nestled in the Rhone-Alps region north of Provence, and one that has been turning heads since its inception in 2000. In addition to crafting outstanding lagers, Bourganel is careful to incorporate a host of the very finest ingredients grown-locally in the Ardeche, including some of the most sought-after Chestnuts in the world…unsurprisingly, these beers are knock-outs when it comes to food pairing!

No admission fee for the event. All Bourganel brews will be priced individually by the glass and in 4 oz. tasters.

The Brasserie Bourganel Draft List:
Bourganel aux Marrons – Amber Lager brewed w/ Local Chestnuts & Vanilla; 5% abv
Bourganel au Nougat – Blond Lager brewed w/ Locally-Produced Nougat; 5% abv
Bourganel au Miel de Chataignier – Blond Lager brewed w/ Local Chestnut Honey; 5% abv
Bourganel aux Myrtilles – Amber Lager brewed w/ Local Bilberry Juice; 5% abv